Dear Californians,

Welcome to the Your Voice Counts Forum. The forum is part of California’s Mental Health Movement Each Mind Matters and the statewide suicide prevention campaign in California: Know the Signs. Both of these initiatives are part of statewide efforts funded by counties through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) to prevent suicide, reduce stigma and discrimination against mental illness, and promote student mental health. Visit the Resource Center to view and download suicide prevention outreach and media materials. (No sign-up required). Sign-up to receive announcements about new resources, research and events related to suicide prevention and to participate in work groups. 


Resource Center

Visit the Resource Center to access all the Know The Signs campaign materials for review or download.

*User restrictions apply to some of the materials.

Know the Signs is a California-based, statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign. Its overall goal is to prepare more Californians to prevent suicide by encouraging them to know the warning signs, find the words to reach out to someone in crisis and reach out to local resources.

Know the Signs is part of Each Mind Matters- California’s Mental Health Movement.

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